10 Ways to Be Happier and Live a More Fulfilling Life

10 Ways to Be Happier and Live a More Fulfilling Life
Photo by Ivana Cajina / Unsplash

When you make an intentional choice every day to worry less, you will live a happier, more fulfilling life.

The impact of your own lives trickles down onto those surrounding you too.

Don't get caught up so much with life that you forget to enjoy the things that truly matter.

1. Find Your Purpose

If you would do one thing without receiving a paycheck for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Question yourself on why your goals are so important.

This exercise helps you determine if you are on a quest after your purpose.

One step to finding your purpose is to look within yourself and identify your talents and passion.

Find something that the world is in need of such more passionate medical professionals.

Align your strengths with the need and see how you can be a problem solver while making a meaningful difference doing it.

2. Be Present In The Moment

Time is the currency of life; you are only allowed to enjoy it for a limited period.

It’s easy to get caught up worrying about the future that you forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

We’ve all been there.

You’re travelling on a train but you are deep in thought.

Your mind is constantly wandering and contemplating the things you need to get done.

Worrying about the unknown will only make you anxious.

Training your mind to be present helps you appreciate the time you presently have and enjoy every moment of it.

3. Create Meaningful Connections

Human beings are highly social creatures that thrive from other human beings' company.

Surrounding yourself with those you genuinely care for can have numerous benefits for you as a person.

Social connections can help you cope with anxiety and sadness, enable you to be more emotionally intelligent, increase self-esteem and empathy, and even boost your immune systems.

Dedicating time to make meaningful connections can have many understated benefits that can be great for overall fulfillment in life.


4. Close All Open Files

According to research, the average person has roughly 150 uncompleted tasks that they think about daily.

These files are like open tabs on your computer, they not only slow down your Operating System, but also distract you from being productive.

The more open files you have the less you get done.

Instead of multitasking, setting a schedule to get your work done and organizing the tasks in order of priority not only increases productivity, but also helps you get your life in order, leading to a more fulfilled life.

5. Stay Fit

Physical activity is not only necessary to stay fit, but it's also a great way to cope with stress.

When you work out, your body reacts by releasing chemicals that make you feel good about yourself while also suppressing tension and anxiety-inducing hormones.

Exercise also decreases the activity of the hormones, which induce anxiety and stress, therefore, making you feel better and eventually happy.

Creating time to exercise helps you to be more energized, fit and generally happy.

6. Get Quality Sleep

Lack of quality sleep can have many consequences to your overall health.

You get restless and easily irritable when you haven’t had a proper night’s rest.

All this can be resolved when you get quality sleep, experts recommend seven to eight hours as sufficient for adults.

However, this may vary depending on your body, some people may be okay with an hour less while others an extra hour helps them feel well rested.

Research shows that getting quality sleep will make you more productive, happier and healthier.

7. Declutter Your Life

Excessive clutter can often make your life feel chaotic and cause a lot of stress thus affecting your general outlook on life.

It can affect every aspect of your life by weighing you down and slowing you from accomplishing your goals.

From outdated apps, damaged furniture, or even social commitments.

Anything you have not really used in the last 18 or so months should be cleared.

It's not a good idea to let tangible items take up emotional space in your life.

Allow it to go.

Decluttering your life will declutter your mind as well allowing you to be more peaceful and have the energy for those things that really matter.


8. Embrace Your Personal Values

Everyone has unique attitudes and perspectives about life.

Personal values that you hold dear to your heart are a great part of what you believe in, thus they are foundational in understanding yourself and the things you care about.

Knowing what beliefs and values are important in your life exudes happiness because it motivates you to be part of something bigger.

Understanding what we value in life may be a big source of happiness because it inspires us to participate in activities that help us achieve our goals.

9. Celebrate Every Win

As human beings, we care a lot about winning.

We condemn failure and poor performances and are too hard on ourselves.

This has a negative impact on your mindset as it brings you down dampening your winning spirit.

Train your mind to appreciate every step of a task rather than the overall goal.

Adopting this mindset will help you appreciate both the process and results.

Take time to celebrate the small wins in your life.

This can be something as simple as not snoozing your alarm clock, taking a lunch break, or even starting a new certification at ProMed.

10. Assist Others in their Search for Joy

Research shows that altruism is hardwired into the brain.

This explains why helping others can make you feel good.

You often have heard the saying that, ‘it’s better to give than to receive.

Helping others may be the secret to your own personal happiness.

The key is to find a passion that aligns with the needs of those surrounding you.

When this is discovered, you will be able to assist others by gaining a purpose, meaning, and happiness.