3 Life-Saving Skills You Can Learn Online

3 Life-Saving Skills You Can Learn Online

These days it seems you can do just about anything online thanks to the wonders of technology and the far-reaching power of the internet. You can connect with long-lost friends, find a new job, and even meet the love of your life. The one thing you can’t do is learn how to save someone’s life, right? Actually, you can do that too! In fact, with the help of online medical certification, both health care professionals and laypeople alike can now receive formal training and develop practical skills that could potentially save someone’s life. Here are a few of those skills to consider.


The acronym CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which is a lifesaving skill that most people have at the very least heard of, if not received some type of training in. It also happens to be a skill that many of us intend to learn someday but never seem to get around to it.

Still others feel they won’t ever really need to know how to perform CPR in their lifetime. If you look at the statistics, however, it becomes quite clear that nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, in the US alone, more than 360,000 people experience a cardiac event each and every year, with more than 80% experiencing these health crises at home. Knowing how to perform CPR while waiting for medical professionals to arrive could potentially save a friend or family member’s life.

Thankfully, with online medical certification courses, the skillset needed to perform CPR can be obtained without having to spend hours or days in a classroom setting. In fact, you can receive formal training that follows the guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association and adheres to the highest medical standards right from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Basic Life Support

Also known as BLS, basic life support is applied to victims who have suffered from life-threatening injuries or illnesses. It is typically provided in the interim while awaiting the arrival of emergency medical technicians or paramedics.

BLS is similar to CPR, except that it sometimes involves training in how to use additional equipment, such as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). For this reason, BLS courses are typically geared toward health care professionals, as they are the ones who would have access to such equipment. However, anyone can pursue this type of certification online if they so choose. In fact, similar to CPR, online BLS certification is fast, easy and readily available to anyone interested.

Advanced Life Support

Specifically, advanced cardiovascular life support, or ACLS, is another more in-depth life-saving skill that can be learned online. The term ACLS refers to a set of clinical algorithms that are used in the treatment of life-threatening conditions relating to the cardiovascular system. These could include any number of conditions, such as sudden cardiac arrest, stroke or acute coronary syndromes. There is also an extension of advanced life support for infants and children referred to as pediatric advanced life support, or PALS.

While most individuals who pursue ACLS and/or PALS certifications online do so because it is a requirement of their employment, others do so simply because they wish to learn about these skills so they can be better prepared in the event of an emergency situation. The ability to train, test and receive certification right online is nice advantage.

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