Benefits of Pursuing Group Online Medical Certification

Benefits of Pursuing Group Online Medical Certification

Working in the health care field almost always involves working together with others as a team. And if you’re on a team, chances are most or all of you will be required to become certified, whether it’s advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), pediatric advanced cardiac life support (PALS), basic life support (BLS), cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or something else. Pursuing your group online medical certification can afford a number of benefits. Here are just a few.

Collaborative Learning – Often times the strength of a team lies in the individual strengths and differing perspectives that each member brings to the table. The same concept can be applied to group learning. Having others to lean on, study with and learn from can really make a difference in how each person performs on his or her exam.

Support System – Finding the motivation to self-study can be challenging, particularly given the hectic and jam-packed schedules of most health care providers. Having a team of people who are all working together toward a shared goal can provide each individual with the support system he or she needs to push onward and achieve the desired end results.

Cross-Training Opportunity – If different group members are studying for different online medical certifications, studying together and supporting one another can create a unique opportunity for cross-learning and knowledge sharing. This can help improve on-the-job performance and also make it easier to pursue other certifications down the road.

More Engaging – Taking an online course and studying on your own isn’t typically ranked among the most interesting activities, but when you bring a group together the dynamic can dramatically change. Studying together can make the entire process much less dry and boring, which means it’ll go by faster and be over sooner.

Relationship-Building – The people you are pursuing your group online medical certification with are also the folks you’ll be working with at the clinic or hospital. Getting together to study and learn as a group can be great for building better relationships that can be applied in the workplace. After all, teamwork and collaboration are the hallmarks of a successful medical facility.

Better Organization – Keeping track of all the necessary certifications and their expiration/renewal dates can be challenging to say the least, especially when there’s a large group. When you pursue these credentials together, everyone is on relatively the same schedule, making it infinitely easier to stay on top of important dates.

Cost Savings – Not only is online certification a more cost-effective option than traditional classroom settings, but some online medical certification providers also offer special discounted rates for groups (ProMedCert does this for groups of 3 or more). This allows for a more affordable option, which is particularly beneficial for employers and individuals who are under tight budgetary constraints.

If you are part of a team of medical professionals, or an employer managing a group of health care providers who are in need of certain medical certifications, doing so as a group can be a more favorable option. For more information on our group rates, please contact us.