How ACLS Certification Can Enhance Your Career

How ACLS Certification Can Enhance Your Career

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), more than 350,000 cardiac arrests

occur outside of a hospital setting each and every year. Without prompt medical

attention, an alarming 90% of those victims will not survive. The percentage of

survival jumps to 45%, however, in cases where a bystander is able to administer


Health care professionals who complete and obtain course certification in Advanced

Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) can contribute to these greater survival rates. Beyond

this, having an ACLS certification can also open a number of career opportunities.

Let’s take a look.

ACLS Certification Enhances Your Resume


Your resume is typically the very first opportunity you have to make a good

impression on a potential employer. As such, it should highlight and showcase your

education, skills and qualifications in a way that is succinct and straightforward.

Demonstrating that you’ve already taken the initiative to obtain your ACLS

certification can be a great way to stand out from others who are applying for the

same job openings. Here are a few additional ways you can spruce up and enhance your

resume include:

• Keep all content relevant to the health care industry and, if possible, the

specific position you are applying for. Avoid any content that is extraneous or does

not add value, with the goal of limiting your resume to no more than two pages.

• Organize content in a way that is efficient and effective. The average recruiter

spends just six short seconds scanning resumes. If the information on yours isn’t

arranged logically and in a way that is easy to follow, you probably won’t make it

to the interview stage.

• Proofread carefully. In the health care industry, even the tiniest of errors

could have devastating consequences. Put your best foot forward by making certain

that your resume is 100% free of any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors.

Proofread it yourself, then ask someone else to do so as well.

• Always lead with action words. Health care recruiters want to be able to quickly

ascertain what it is that you’ve already accomplished, specifically in comparison

with the role they are trying to fill. Leading with action verbs can help you

quickly demonstrate your ability and know-how. So, start your experience sentences

with words like “provided,” “assisted,” “trained,” “improved,” etc.

ACLS Certification Demonstrates Ambition


Successful completion of continuing education coursework requires initiative and

discipline – especially if you received your certification online. By earning your

ACLS, you’ll showcase your ambition, which employers know is something that

typically translates well into the workplace. Being ACLS-certified is also evidence

that you have a desire to remain on top of the latest industry best practices and

that you genuinely care about patient outcomes, both of which are valuable traits to

prospective employers.

This is of particular relevance today, as the health care industry is experiencing

extremely high turnover. Recent stats regarding the health care field staffing

shortage show turnover is well into the double-digits and steadily on the rise with

no relief in sight. Locating medical professionals who aren’t only qualified, but

who also exhibit a commitment to professional development (such as through the

pursuit of an ACLS certification) is becoming more challenging for recruiters. For

those boasting these credentials, on the other hand, getting to the top of the

resume list is becoming easier.

Furthermore, individuals who have completed a life-saving skills course often

provide their employers with greater flexibility. For instance, an employee with a

demonstrated desire to improve and grow can be placed in different settings, such as

critical care, that require advanced life support training.

Fewer Errors Facilitate Better Workplace Evaluations


Making a mistake when administering life-saving care can result in deadly

consequences. For example, using an improper technique or failing to administer the

appropriate medication and/or the proper dosage may cost a patient his or her life.

Unfortunately, mistakes like this happen far more frequently than they should. In

fact, according to research published in the American Journal of Critical Care

(AJCC), reported occurrences of errors during CPR and surrounding events can range

up to 50%.

Notwithstanding the emotional toll committing such an error can have on a health

care professional, mistakes like this almost always result in disciplinary action

taken on the part of the employer and possibly even regulatory agencies. An error

that occurs during the standard probationary period (typically the first 90 days of

employment) might even result in suspension or termination. At the very least, a

mark will be placed on your record, which could haunt you throughout your career.

Being trained in and successfully obtaining an ACLS certification can dramatically

reduce the likelihood of committing an error while caring for a patient. Coursework

covers everything from the proper technique and AHA-recommended best practices for

administering life-saving treatment to which medications should be administered,

when and in what dosages. Students also learn how to use the appropriate equipment

when performing CPR, such as an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Being well-trained and well-versed in these areas can reduce the risk of error,

improving patient care and also decreasing the chances of a poor workplace

evaluation. Specifically, health care practitioners who are ACLS certified can offer

improved care in the following ways:

• Faster response times to cardiac arrest

• Shorter elapsed time before initiation of chest compressions

• Improved time to initiation of chest compressions and initial defibrillation

• Greater confidence in the ability to deliver life-saving care

By reducing the risk of disciplinary action and improving patient outcomes, employee

morale goes up and turnover goes down. This is beneficial to everyone involved – the

practitioner, his or her employer and, of course, the patient receiving care.

ACLS Certification Can Increase Earning Potential


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nurses make an average of $70k

per year. Those in the top 10th percentile, however, have the potential to earn well

over $100k. Having advanced training, such as an ACLS certification, that enables

you to work in a variety of settings, including emergency medicine, can dramatically

boost your earning potential.

Expand Your Horizons with a Life-Saving Skills Certification


A career in the health care industry can be significantly enhanced with the right

training – particularly as the demand for qualified professionals continues to rise.

Obtaining and maintaining your ACLS certification can help open many doors for new

opportunities and improve your chances of advancement. Get certified online in as

little as 2 hours by clicking below.