Introducing ProMedCert and Online Medical Certifications

Our entire team is incredibly excited to announce the launch of Professional Medical Certifications (ProMedCert). Our goal is to radically improve online education for healthcare professionals. We believe the time of a medical professional is invaluable, and if we can kind find ways to make your life easier, we are doing the world a tremendous service.

ProMedCert is all about making medical education simple. We want to supply the knowledge and confidence you need to not only pass our certifications, but also apply your knowledge in the field saving lives. We designed ProMedCert courses to help you truly master this material in a very short time.

We’ve seen it before... even with the best medical professionals where certain procedures are forgotten and nervousness sets in. We want you to have the confidence to know exactly what to do in these scenarios because every second can help save a life.

So no more cramming a provider manual in your head. ProMedCert courses are designed to be simple and enjoyable. They can be taken on your own time and are completely available online. We believe this allows you to better understand the material by allowing for a learning environment without the stress.

Our team of Medical professionals, Education experts and Technology developers have worked together to create our first course, ACLS. Our team wanted to create certification courses that could utilize new-age learning tactics to increase memorization capacity and improve long-term recall of information.

We currently are only offering an online ACLS Certification and Recertification course. However, in the next few months, we will be offering additional courses such as PALS, BLS, CPR and more. Our goal is to make ProMedCert your one stop shop for certifications.

So please, subscribe to our blog, send us questions/feedback or go ahead and get certified today.

On behalf of the entire team, welcome to ProMedCert. We can’t wait to hear what you think.