Overcoming Common Concerns about Online Medical Certifications

Overcoming Common Concerns about Online Medical Certifications

Since the advent of the internet, the world has changed dramatically. One area where the web has made a significant impact is in terms of distance learning. Now people anywhere can access courses and pursue credentials – including online medical certification – without having to step foot outside the comfort of their own homes. Of course, as with any change, there remains a certain degree of skepticism surrounding whether such a certification is truly valid and comparable to those obtained through traditional methods.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common concerns raised about distance learning for medical certifications like ACLS, BLS, CPR, and PALS.

Concern #1: How can someone truly learn medical skills without hands-on practice?

This is probably the most commonly raised concern among medical professionals considering the possibility of an online course. Obviously, taking a certification course online means the absence of a physical instructor. In reality, with the right materials and professionally developed coursework, all the critical learning objectives can be successfully absorbed by the student just as if he or she were attending a live class. In fact, our course materials have been developed by experienced medical professionals and specifically designed to deliver all the necessary information to pass the exam.

Concern #2: There are no teachers…what if I have questions?

The beauty of online medical certification is that it allows the student to progress at his or her own pace and complete coursework whenever and wherever they’re most productive. Still, some people remain concerned about the lack of access to a live instructor in the event that a question arises. But online courses were specifically built with this obstacle in mind, which means the quality of the coursework is top-notch. At ProMedCert, our courses are developed to cover every possible angle and ensure that students can easily learn and retain the course material.

Concern #3: Can’t people cheat?

Obviously, students who are taking their online medical certification online can more easily access the materials they need to pass their exam without worrying about an instructor monitoring them the whole time. The reality is, medicine isn’t all about memorization. To the contrary, there will almost always be instances during a physician or nurse’s career when they will be required to reference information in order to provide their patients with optimum care. Referencing the materials you learn during the study portion of your online coursework in order to successfully pass the exam is no different. And, again, with the right course materials, learning and retention just come naturally.

Concern #4: Is the certification legitimate?

Finally, many prospective students are concerned that all of their hard work in completing online coursework will be for naught if their employer doesn’t accept their online certification. We’ve alleviated this concern by offering professionally developed, AHA guideline-driven courses that are backed by a 100% money back guarantee that our certification will be accepted by our students’ employers.

Thanks to today’s technology, distance learning has fundamentally changed and improved the way we pursue our educational needs, including medical certification. If you are among those struggling with one or more of the above concerns, we encourage you to learn more about innovative, convenient and affordable medical education options. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results!