The ProMed April Race to Refer for $1,000! (Update)

The ProMed April Race to Refer for $1,000! (Update)

It's been an exciting month of referrals as we get closer to crowning the top referrer in April with $1,000! Will it be you?

We've reached the halfway point with our April Race to Refer event, where the ProMed Certifications customer that refers the most friends to purchase any ProMed ACLS, BLS, PALS or CPR course will earn $1,000.

Seriously, one lucky customer is earning $1,000!

All you have to do is be the top referrer in the month of April and you earn the big bucks. Interested in referring your friends to get signed up? Keep reading to see how easy it is.

Are You Ready to Earn $1,000?

ProMed Certifications Race to Refer for $1,000

How to Refer Friends and Enter:

Step 1 - Sign up for an ACLS, BLS, PALS or CPR class from ProMed. You can save 10% on your first course by clicking here!

Step 2 - Refer your colleagues and friends by using a special referral link we provide to you.

Step 3 - When your referred friend uses your special link, they save 15% and YOU earn $50 for every rewardable referral! Keep in mind that even if you don't earn the $1,000, we still pay you $50 for every friend of yours that buys $50 worth of courses using your link. A rewardable referral is considered any purchase of $50 or greater.

Step 4 - Check the leaderboard each day to see where you're at. Be at the top of the list on April 30th at 11:59PM MST and you just earned $1,000.

Mid-Month Leaderboard Update

We have had an incredible turnout, with more referrals coming in every day. In an incredible turn of events, all of our referrers have so far referred 1 friend.

There's a massive tie for first place right now.

Below are ten of those users in the running to earn $1,000.

ProMed Certifications Referral Leaderboard April

There's still time to enter and earn $1,000 cash!

Get signed up for the ACLS, BLS, PALS or CPR course today and make your first referral. Check the leaderboard every day for updates on your position and remember, only with ProMed Certifications can you earn $1,000 in cold hard cash just by referring some friends (and earn $50 for every referral).

One More Thing

In addition to launching our first ever $1,000 reward for the top referrer in April, we also recently launched a brand new feature that allows you to set your own issue date and expiration date.

We call it Flex ExpireTM and it's REALLY awesome.

This new feature comes in handy when you want to take advantage of as much of your current 2 year certification as you can. After you pass the ProMed exam, we allow you to pick an issue date within the next 30 days, which also pushes your expiration date back.

So if you have a current certification that ends soon, you can pass your exam and set the issue date to the day after your previous expiration date, allowing you to take advantage of the full 2 year certification.

I know you'll love it, and guess who else will?

Your friends!

Even if they are not in need of a recertification just yet, you can refer them during the month of April and if they purchase their course in April, they can take it at any time AND have the added benefit of the Flex ExpireTM feature.

Ready to Get Referring?

Sign up for a ProMed course today and round up your friends to earn $1,000. Exclusively from ProMed Certifications