ProMed Response to COVID-19

ProMed Response to COVID-19

This novel coronavirus pandemic has truly affected all of us across the globe, and one of the hardest-hit communities has been healthcare frontline workers.

Doctors, nurses, CMAs, respiratory therapists, technicians, custodial staff... all of these workers are literally laying down their lives in the battle against Covid-19.

It's hard to imagine the sacrifices they make and the risks they take on a daily basis. From the risk of catching the virus themselves to the daily 30-minute decontamination routine before coming home to hug their kids, healthcare workers work every day to fulfill their oath and their desire to save lives.

Our mission has always been to help medical professionals with their continuing education by providing an easy and convenient way to certify online. With healthcare professionals taking on such an incredible responsibility with this pandemic, we want you to know that we are here to support you in your continuing education needs.

However, right now, we really want to say thank you! Thank you for everything you do! You truly are superheroes.

Here at ProMed we wanted to do our small share and show our support to medical professionals on the front-lines with Covid-19.

Starting today, for every Bundle purchase or “For Life” purchase, ProMed will donate $25 to the Direct Relief Covid-19 Fund.

This donation will help Direct Relief provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers responding to COVID-19. Here in the US, Direct Relief is delivering masks, exam gloves, isolation gowns, and other protective clothing to healthcare organizations across the country.

Protective equipment and essential medical items are so critical for the safety and wellbeing of our healthcare workers. We need to protect America's heroes.

ProMed will donate $25 for the following product purchases: ACLS For Life, PALS For Life, BLS For Life, Advanced Certification Bundle, Advanced Recertification Bundle, Basic Certification Bundle, Basic Recertification Bundle, Advanced Bundle For Life, and Basic Bundle For Life.

If you were waiting to purchase a Bundle or “For Life” certification, please consider purchasing now and helping us donate to a needed cause!

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