Tips for Choosing the Best Online ACLS Certification Course

Tips for Choosing the Best Online ACLS Certification Course

As ongoing advances in health care technology become available, more individuals are opting to go online to pursue their Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification.

Not only does this option provide much more flexibility in terms of when, where and how you study and test, but it’s also typically more affordable than traditional classroom settings.

If you are among those considering online ACLS certification, here are a few tips to help you choose the right option for you.

Verify legitimacy.

For most students, the purpose of obtaining your ACLS certification via an online course is to avoid having to waste time sitting in a classroom.

It’s important to ensure, however, that the online course you choose is legitimate. That is, that the outcome will be a valid certificate that is accepted by your employer. Otherwise it’s a complete waste of time and money.

If you don't choose us for your online certification, make sure to choose a provider offering a 100% money-back guarantee. You want to make sure you have security just in case your employer doesn't allow online certifications (From our experience, about 98% of employers do accept online certifications).

Also, make sure to read the fine print on the guarantee. Some providers will offer a money-back guarantee, but it has limitations like "must be within 30 days of purchase" or "3-day right to rescind."

Check cost.

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Once you’ve verified that the online course you’re taking will produce the desired outcome, the next question to ask is how much it will cost.

As mentioned, online medical certification is typically more affordable than in-class sessions. Beyond this, however, different providers may offer their products at varying price-points.

In comparison, we offer one of the most affordable online ACLS certification courses on the market at just $179 for new certifiers and $129 for recertification. And we're even offering 10% off for just reading this post.. You're Welcome!

Find out about continuing education.

In addition to your ACLS certification, you may also be able to obtain continuing education credits (CEU/CME) at the same time.

Continuing Education - ProMed Certifications

Most health care professionals are required to take a certain number of continuing ed credits in order to remain current in their certification/licensing.

By utilizing an online ACLS course, you can essentially kill two birds with one stone.

ProMedCert offers 8 CEU/CMEs for our certification course and 6 CEU/CMEs for recertification.

Learn about time restrictions.

While the concept of taking a medical certification course online makes sense, if there are too many restrictions associated with it, it may not be worth it in the long run.

For example, some providers time their exams and limit the number of times a student can retest.

At ProMedCert, we believe students should be able to move at their own pace. That’s why we impose no time limits and offer unlimited exam retakes.

Check reviews.

Lastly, don’t just take the online provider’s word for it (us included). Instead, you should see what other students have to say about their experience. After all, the opinions of those who have already used the program are much more valuable than any promotional content.

If you’re interested in reading testimonials from some of our real students (over 3,100 and counting) you can check them out here or our Facebook reviews.


As you can see, there are a lot of factors that go into whether an online ACLS certification is right for you.

By considering all of the above suggestions, you’ll be able to make a much more informed and wise decision.

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