Top Tips for Passing Your ACLS, BLS, PALS or CPR Exam the First Time

Top Tips for Passing Your ACLS, BLS, PALS or CPR Exam the First Time

If you’re in the process of studying for your online medical certification, whether it’s your ACLS, BLS, PALS or CPR, having a good idea of what to expect and knowing what the steps for success are can improve your chances of passing your exam on your first try.

While it’s certainly nice to have the option to retake your test as many times as necessary, most students prefer to get it done in one shot.

To increase your odds of achieving this goal, here are a few expert tips.

Flex your memorization muscle.

Much of the material you will need to know for your online medical certification exam (and for the rest of your career, honestly) will involve memorization.

For instance, there are a number of important algorithms that are required for your ACLS, PALS and BLS exam, including Adult Cardiac Arrest Algorithm, Acute Coronary Syndrome Algorithm, PALS Systemic Approach Algorithm (and many more).

The key to successfully passing your exam on the first try will be your ability to remember and recall these things, so start flexing that memorization muscle in your brain now.

Read and study the material often.

The beauty of online medical certification is that you can conquer the course at your own pace. And since our courses are mobile friendly, they’re specifically designed to suit the busy lifestyle of a medical professional.

Take advantage of the ability to study anytime, anyplace by incorporating your classwork into your daily life.

Whether you’re eating your lunch in the break room, standing in line at the coffee shop or waiting for your kids to get out of school, taking a few moments to review your study material can help you retain more of the information you’ll need to test well.

Watch videos on various course topics.

The internet is a great resource for gaining a better understanding of the various topics covered in the ACLS, PALS, BLS and CPR courses.

There are a wide variety of videos on YouTube that can provide a more hands-on demonstration of what you’re learning, which can help some people grasp the concepts being covered a little more easily.

If you’re struggling with a particular topic, do a web search to see if there are any resources available that might help you along the way.

Take practice tests.

We know you want to pass your online medical certification exam on the first try, and practice tests are there to improve the chances of that happening.

These expertly designed, multiple choice quizzes simulate the actual exam you’ll be taking, so you can become familiar with the format and also gain some insight into the types of questions you’ll be facing once you decide it’s time to take the real test.

They’re available for a reason, so take advantage of it.


Our final word of advice is to take a deep breath, relax and try not to stress.

Remember, our exams are not timed, which means you won’t have to worry about trying to beat the clock.

And if you do happen to mess up, we offer unlimited retakes, so you can quickly get back on track.

If you want to find out more about or to sign up for one of our online medical certification / recertification courses, send us a message by opening the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. We look forward to hearing from you!