Why First Aid Is Essential in Nursing and Will Benefit You Outside of Work

Why First Aid Is Essential in Nursing and Will Benefit You Outside of Work

Nursing school is an intense process with plenty of hands-on training.

While absorbing endless medical information about different conditions, diseases, common issues you will face, you’re also learning about procedures and flawlessly administering treatments.

Your schooling is meant to be applied immediately when you join the field, so you are prepared for anything that comes your way.

For that reason, you’re also expected to earn your First Aid & CPR training certification.

Why? Well, this training covers the essential basics for emergency action.

If you have a patient experiencing life-threatening issues who need immediate training, you may need to take immediate action.

With your First Aid & CPR training, you’ll be able to do this and potentially save the patient’s life.

By administering First Aid in an emergency situation, you can address a pressing issue in your patient, like excessive bleeding, accidental amputation, impalement from an object, for example.

Your CPR or Basic Life Support (BLS) training could save your patient’s life.

You can care for them right away before they receive more thorough treatment.

Consider your First Aid like the band-aid that will seal the ailment to protect the patient.

Afterward, the root of the problem can be addressed to treat what happened to them correctly.

Your First Aid & CPR training will be essential in any emergencies that you face on the field.

And it’s very likely you will either sometimes or quite often.

You’ll be the hero able to swoop in to bring the situation back to normal.

First Aid CPR in Nursing

The most basic level of First Aid & CPR offers the steps to follow in an emergency.

This includes assessing the area surrounding yourself and your patient, taking precautions to avoid disease spread, checking the CABs, which is the patient’s circulation, airway, and breathing.

If the CABs are unstable, you can take the necessary action to restore breathing or address blood loss.

Your training should also prepare you to know how to approach someone experiencing a spinal injury, shock, seizures, bone fractures, anaphylactic shock, heat exhaustion or stroke, and more.

Under these circumstances, a patient will need immediate attention to prevent life-threatening events.

With your First Aid & CPR training, you’ll have the confidence to act with haste until they can receive more intense treatment.

Basic Life Support (BLS) in Nursing

If your patient is experiencing cardiac or respiratory arrest, you only have a moment to take action before they could lose their life.

With your BLS training, you can administer CPR to resuscitate the patient.

Until more help comes to the scene with the equipment needed to help further, you could be the key to sustaining the patient.

If this takes too long, you’ll know how to use an automated external defibrillator right away for further help with resuscitation.

This training will be pretty thorough and intense, but it’s essential to build a strong base in your nursing skills.

By having the confidence to treat patients in an emergency, you could save their lives.

You’ll be able to take fast action to prevent their ailments from worsening, either leading to long-term issues or death.

Carry a First Aid Kit Everywhere You Go

Your First Aid & CPR training will make you an asset in your field.

By retaining the essential information and procedures for handling emergencies, you will have the confidence to help your patients in distress.

But what about outside of your clinic or hospital setting?

Your nursing First Aid training could save lives anywhere you go.

With your knowledge of how to act fast and what to do in unexpected situations, you could protect those around you.

In the home, there’s plenty of room for something to happen, like an unexpected cut from chopping vegetables, burns from cooking, slips and falls on the stairs, and more.

By including a First Aid kit in your house, you will have all the staples to seal wounds, address any fractures, and then be able to transport your loved one to the hospital safely afterward.

Not only will your First Aid help with bandaging wounds and more, but it will help to deescalate emergencies to prevent them from becoming worse.

If someone experiences a seizure in your home, you’ll know to find a pillow to avoid head trauma and not to interfere, which could put yourself or other people in your household at risk.

You’ll also have the insights to assess rooms for hazards and eliminate them before they cause an emergency.

Wherever you go, it’s best to carry a First Aid kit with you.

If someone falls on the road, you can treat any cuts or scrapes to prevent infection.

If you are on a hike and someone experiences heatstroke, you’ll know what to do and what to offer them to restore their levels and then be transported for more medical attention.

You’ll be a prepared first responder anywhere you go.

First Aid & CPR training could be the line between life and death.

When someone is under distress, you will have the knowledge and hands-on experience to help them until they can receive more intensive attention.

The thing about emergencies is that you never quite know when they’ll come.

But your training will prepare you, so you are ready whenever they do.

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