Why Online is Best for Medical Recertification

Why Online is Best for Medical Recertification

If you have your ACLS, BLS, PALS or CPR credentials, you’re probably already well aware that they expire after a specified amount of time (typically 2 years from the date of issue).

This requirement is in place to ensure that medical professionals stay up-to-date on any and all changes to the patient care and treatment methodology.

Recertification can be done the traditional way, in a classroom setting and on a set schedule. Or, it can be done online.

Here are a few reasons why the latter is the best choice.

Optimize your schedule.


Perhaps the biggest reason online medical recertification is favorable to classroom options is the fact that you can study and take your test on your own time, when it works best with your schedule.

Chances are you’re already working in the medical field. Finding time to attend classes can be challenging and cut into your personal time with your family.

With online coursework, you can study anywhere, anytime, like first thing in the morning, on your lunch break or just before bed.

Work at your own pace.


Some people absorb information faster than others.

For some students, two full days in a classroom is more than what’s necessary for them to master the subject matter and be ready for their recertification test.

This results in wasted time and unnecessary frustration.

Conversely, some may feel two days isn’t sufficient for their needs.

With online recertification, you can work at whatever pace works for you.

Save time.


Recertifying in a traditional classroom setting takes up more than just the scheduled hours of the class.

You must also take into account travel time to and from the class and the added breaks in between when you’ll be stuck on campus waiting for class to reconvene.

Certainly you could list at least a dozen things you’d rather be doing during that time.

When you recertify online, you cut out all the extras and maximize the use of your precious time.

Less repetition.


In reality, most of the content you will be covering in your recertification studies will already be familiar to you.

In fact, if not much has changed since you last certified, it’ll really only serve as a refresher.

Sitting in a classroom with an instructor can feel boring and repetitive.

Since you can work at your own pace with online medical recertification, you don’t have to waste time and energy going over material you already know.

Spend less.


Depending on who you choose as your provider, medical recertification is typically priced much more attractively online than in a classroom.

Think about it, with e-learning, there’s no overhead for things like paying an instructor or renting space.

That savings gets passed onto the students, which means more money in your pocket when you choose to go the online route.


Let’s face it.

You already have a hectic schedule.

Recertifying shouldn’t add to that chaos, nor should it be stressful or burdensome.

With online medical recertification, you can enjoy all of the benefits listed above and eliminate the time-consuming aggravation that comes with classroom options.