$10,000 Donated to COVID-19 Relief — Thank You For Your Support!

$10,000 Donated to COVID-19 Relief — Thank You For Your Support!

Since the initial spread of Covid-19, healthcare workers worldwide have worked tirelessly to help those infected and prevent the rest of their communities from getting sick. We at ProMed chose to give our support as a way of saying thank you to these brave medical professionals.

Back in April, we asked for your help in supporting the frontline healthcare workers who are currently fighting the battle against Covid-19. With every certification bundle purchase or For Life Certification Purchase, you’ve made, we have donated $25 to the Direct Relief Covid-19 fund.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we have just hit our $10,000 milestone!


That’s right—$10,000 has been donated to the Covid-19 relief fund so far. We couldn’t have done this without you—the medical professionals who have purchased during this promotion with the cause in mind. Thank you for choosing to donate with us through our bundle program, and for spreading word of our efforts to the other health workers in your community.

Haven’t Heard of Direct Relief’s Covid-19 Fund?

If you’re new to ProMed or missed our first donation blog, you might not know exactly what we’re all donating to. This campaign sends donations toward a pandemic relief fund spearheaded by Direct Relief. Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization that operates throughout the US and over 80 countries. Though their efforts are many, their primary mission is to provide medical aid and safety to all who need it.

Amid the spread of the novel coronavirus, Direct Relief has done its part in providing aid to health workers and their patients. The organization is currently delivering personal protective gear to as many relief centers as possible. Since this January, Direct Relief has supplied healthcare workers with over 6 million PPE items, including both N95 and surgical masks, gloves, isolation gowns, and protective suits.

In addition to providing PPE to health workers on the frontlines, Direct Relief has been using donations to provide intensive care units with the medication and support items needed to care properly for patients. Their medication stockpiles include antibiotics, vasopressors, albuterol inhalers, and sedatives, among others.

Finally, Direct Relief collaborates with teams of epidemiologists, tech companies, and public agencies to strengthen vital lines of communication. With teamwork on this scale, healthcare authorities can focus their support on the places that need it most.

Continuing to Help: What Can You Do?

$10,000 is a significant milestone that we at ProMed are incredibly proud of—but the battle continues, and frontline workers still need our help. Together, we can continue to aid them through the Direct Relief fund.

ProMed Certification Bundles & Certification For Life

With each purchase of one of our certification bundle or certifications for life, ProMed donates $25 to the Direct Relief Covid-19 fund. Not only are you taking the steps necessary to become a certified health worker, but you’re also providing your healthcare community with the tools they need to fight this virus while keeping them and their families safe.

If it’s time for you to renew your certifications or get certified for the first time, consider upgrading with our Bundle For Life! In one purchase, you receive free updated recertification courses every two years—for life. You can choose a For Life bundle while purchasing a certification or recertification bundle. Not only will you save money in the long-run, but you’ll be donating to an essential cause!

Direct Donations

Not in any need of certifications at the moment? Don’t worry. You can still donate to Direct Relief immediately via their website. You can fill out a donation form, choose the amount you’d like to donate, and specify whether you’d like to make a one-time or recurring donation. Whether you donate via our ProMed bundles or directly on the Direct Relief site, every penny of your donation amount will aid today’s front line workers.

Spread the Word

Have you already donated, via our certification bundle or For Life purchase? Spread word of our donation efforts on social media! ProMed uses our social accounts to update you, our medical community, about our latest news. Our reach can only extend so far. Please help spread awareness of our donation efforts to the other members of your social network. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook. Please give us a follow and share our blog with your friends and colleagues!

To Wrap Things Up:

Thank you again to everyone who made this incredible milestone possible. As a medical certification provider, ProMed takes great pride in doing what we can to support our medical community. We’re happy that you have stepped up to the plate with us.

The fight isn’t over yet. Covid-19 remains at large, and it continues to impact communities all over the globe today. Our front line workers are doing all they can to help, but they can’t fight the good fight without effective protective equipment and the resources required to give their patients proper care. As the battle rages on, these resources continue to deplete. It’s up to us to make sure these healthcare workers don’t run out of the essentials they need.

Let’s continue supporting our healthcare workers together. We’ve come this far; and we at ProMed are confident we can reach even higher milestones to protect our healthcare workers in the upcoming months.

Are you interested in donating to the Covid-19 Relief fund?

Head onto ProMed to give $25 toward supporting the world’s healthcare workers while getting your ACLS, PALS, BLS, and CPR certifications. Learn more by viewing our course list or contacting a member of our team today. Thank you for your continued support—none of this could be possible without you. Here’s to another $10K!